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Cosmos Lessons

Cosmos is committed to bringing the excitement and relevance of science to students around the world. In 2014, we launched Cosmos Lessons (previously Cosmos Live Learning) – a unique online teaching resource delivered in your web browser. Cosmos Lessons nurtures students' natural curiosity, exciting them with the latest discoveries. It develops critical thinking skills that help students make informed decisions about local and global issues, opening their eyes to a multitude of career opportunities in science. You can see a list of already published lessons here.

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Subscribing schools receive weekly interactive, classroom-ready lessons based on an authentic story recently published in Cosmos magazine. These lessons capture the real-world importance of science through introductions written by a science journalist and lesson content created by experienced curriculum writers. The lessons include a journalist-written career profile, specifically tailored for school students. Lessons are tailored for year levels 7, 8, 9 and 10 and mapped to the Australian Curriculum and the United States Next Generation Science Standards, and based on the acclaimed three-storey intellect pedagogical model. The lessons are all ‘grab and go’, so teachers can slot them straight into their curriculum. In addition, every lesson contains in-context mathematics questions, included to improve student numeracy skills in a context that's relevant to them.

The technology

We know technology in classrooms can be a pain point, which is why we’ve partnered with Stile Education to use their platform to deliver Cosmos Lessons. No downloads or installations are needed and it has been developed to work on any device. All teachers and students receive an individual login so it’s great for both 1:1 and shared device schools.

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Lesson Collection

Published Live Learning lessons

Lesson Number Date Released Title Subject Level
30 29-August-2014 Solids, Liquids and Gases: Changing states Biology Year 8
29 22-August-2014 Solutions: Bringing things together Chemistry Year 7
28 15-August-2014 Biofuels: The carbon equation Chemistry Year 10
27 8-August-2014 Symbiosis: Learning to live together Biology Year 8
26 1-August-2014 Alternative Energy: Flying on sunshine Chemistry Year 8
25 25-July-2014 Seasons: The spin cycle Earth and space sciences Year 7
24 18-July-2014 Metals: What makes them unique? Chemistry Year 10
23 11-July-2014 Earthquakes: Do we ever cause them? Earth and space sciences Year 9
22 4-July-2014 Energy Transformations: Powering tomorrow's vehicles Physics Year 8
21 27-June-2014 Kingdoms: Crossing the boundaries Biology Year 7
20 20-June-2014 The Big Bang: New light on an old theory Physics Year 10
19 13-June-2014 Microbiomes: It's the little things Biology Year 9
18 6-June-2014 Cell division: Shocking tails Biology Year 8
17 30-May-2014 Classification: Spots and stripes Biology Year 7
16 23-May-2014 Comets: Stories of the Universe Earth and space sciences Year 10
15 16-May-2014 The Nervous System: Sniffing out cancer Biology Year 9
14 9-May-2014 Pacemakers: from Pulse to Pump Physics Year 8
13 2-May-2014 Robots: Working together Physics Year 7
12 25-Apr-2014 Vaccination: Science verses superstition Biology Year 10
11 18-Apr-2014 Neutrinos: Hunting ghosts Physics Year 9
10 11-Apr-2014 Fertiliser: Making the most of phosphate Chemistry Year 8
9 4-Apr-2014 Food Chains: Death of the Arctic megafauna Biology Year 7
8 28-Mar-2014 Human Evolution: How are we changing? Biology Year 10
7 21-Mar-2014 Light and Colour: A reflection Physics Year 9
6 10-Mar-2014 Healthy Eating: Hunt, gather or farm? Biology Year 8
5 3-Mar-2014 Biofuels: Can plants power the Earth? Earth and space sciences Year 7
4 24-Feb-2014 A Changing Climate: Cold adventures Earth and space sciences Year 10
3 17-Feb-2014 Plate Tectonics: The moving earth Physics Year 9
2 10-Feb-2014 Stem Cells: A new hope Biology Year 8
1 3-Feb-2014 Gravity and Orbit: A question of space Physics Year 7

Previously published "Teachers Notes" are also available in PDF format once logged in to Cosmos Lessons